Sources is a card game for four players that introduces undergraduate students to the importance of choosing the appropriate academic sources for their assignments. The original game was created by Andrew Walsh and Tanya Williamson, British academic librarians who made their game available via a Creative Commons license. We have adapted the game to improve the playability, in part by modifying the game mechanics.

Sources is an alternative approach to teaching students about sources that leverages the immersive, interactive and dynamic nature of game-based learning. The game is easy to make, adapt, learn and play in under 30 minutes in a class or tutorial of 20 to 26 students (5 or 6 groups).

Martha Attridge Bufton, MA, MLIS
Interdisciplinary Studies Librarian
Carleton University Library

Colin Harkness
Gifts Coordinator
Carleton University Library

Ryan Tucci, MLIS
Subject Specialist
Carleton University Library